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Listed below are a number of commonly asked questions about Workforce General. If you have an additional question that you cannot find below, feel free to submit a question through the provided form and we will be happy to let you know.

List of Questions

Yes. Workforce General allows you to create your own customized online application forms. Ask the questions you need to qualify applicants for your organization.
Yes. The online forms allow you to accept files, such as resumes or images depending on the types of information you wish to accept.
Yes. You can set up recipients that will receive notifications when a new resume is submitted. Those recipients can be emails or cell phone numbers for SMS notifications.
When you hire a new employee, there is often a number of forms you have that new hire completed. These can be things like emergency contact information, employee handbook ackowledgement forms, and various other discloure forms. Workforce General allows you to define those form and have new hires completed them in a paperless environment storing the completed forms for future reference.
Yes. Workforce General allows you to define multiple locations and you can create an "opening" for a specific location. New applicant information can be routed to the appropriate HR representatives for the hiring location.

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